Traffic Dashboard – A Look Inside

What’s Inside Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard?

Wondering if the traffic dashboard is right for you? Here’s a look inside so you get an idea of what you’ll find…

First of all, it’s divided into 6 rows:

1) Article Marketing
2) Search Engine Optimization
3) Social Media Marketing
4) Banner Ad Marketing
5) Email Drops
6) Affiliate Marketing

1) Article Marketing

The first row in the traffic dashboard is article marketing.

And you get some of the basic steps. You also get some cool insider info. In fact, Marlon lets you take a look inside his own personal article marketing strategies and also those of his pal Sean Mize, who is Ezinearticle’s most prolific writer and #1 with more than 20,000 articles published.

If you’ve read some products on article marketing, you may have gotten started only to be disappointed with your results. That’s because some of those authors give you wildly inflated numbers as to how many clicks and subscribers you might get from your articles.

Marlon gives you more realistic numbers, plus a few pointers on how to increase those, all while staying on the good side of the article directories.

He does all of that in the first module on keywords. And yes, he also gives you detailed advice on how to do keyword research and what to look for. He also points out that you don’t have to get overly obsessed with keywords since sometimes the success of articles can be unpredictible. The most important part is to keep on writing those articles.

In the next section, he goes on to give you the scoop on how to actually write those articles, complete with the step-by-step.

He also gives you some very useful tips on how to become a Platinum author at Ezinearticles.

Five More Rows in the Traffic Dashboard

And article marketing is just the start!

When it comes to other key methods, Marlon has you covered too. From SEO to Social Media to getting help from affiliates with driving targeted traffic to your website, it’s all there.

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And if you get it through the above link, you’ll get a bonus too. The bonus varies from time to time, and the super bonus is gone for now, but I bet you’ll like what you get.

To get your bonus, just forward your receipt to ElisabethHelp AT Gmail DOT Com and put Traffic Dashboard Bonus in the subject line.

I’ll usually respond within 24 hours or less and with instructions for how to gain access.

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