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Swag Box 7 Review & Bonus

Swag Box 7? What the heck? Well… if you’ve been around internet marketing for a while, or around Marlon Sanders, you probably know about Swag. He doles out quite a bit of it. And now… Well, read on…

What is Swag Box 7?

Swag Box 7 is Marlon Sanders’ latest product, and it goes oh so well with his Traffic Dashboard and his Marketing Dashboard (and the Product Creation Dashboard too!).

You see, these other dashboards help you get traffic and set up the marketing funnel and create products, but…

There’s a lot that a few select marketers know that they will carefully guard from the “masses.” Of course, you can try to reverse engineer things, but in order to do that you’ll need to know whose campaigns to reverse engineer – and exactly what!

Fortunately, Marlon has saved me the trouble (and he will save you from having to do all that too if you decide to invest in Swag Box 7). That’s because in Swag Box 7 he provides detailed step-by-step guides (multiple guides!) to do all that stuff that super affiliates do to win those contests.

I have almost all of Marlon’s products (and ALL of his dashboards including his Traffic Dashboard) and so when I saw his email on Swag Box 7, I immediately decided to check it out and if it was as good as I hoped it would be, promote it.

And yes, it is GREAT, so you can bet I’m promoting it!

While I haven’t read ALL of it yet (there’s a ton of content), I have read enough to be confident that it really delivers. I’ve learned far more than my money’s worth already, and I’ve been in this business for a while!


Swag Box 7 Review

Swag Box 7 Inside

As you can see on the image, Swag Box 7 contains a big guide plus a series of sample promotions where Marlon provides VERY detailed examples for how to bring in the swag.

Oh, and some super cool scripts (as you can see on the image here:

Swag Box 7 Bonus

Swag Box 7 Bonuses

But back to the main guide… He starts with an introduction to the most common affiliate marketing strategies, and explains why they work/don’t work as well as you’d like. One of them has me follow up and get someone’s system because it’s genius!

And then Marlon goes into the meat of his report where he explains how to take affiliate marketing success up a whole bunch of notches.

One of the ways he helps us increase our sales as affiliates is by showing us how to create effective emails and email campaigns.

The cool thing is that he gives lots of actual examples. Some of those are his own emails, which he explains in great detail, complete with some of the results he had.

And then he also uses a lot of other marketer’s emails (and it seems I’m on the lists of most of them, so I have actually read most of those emails).

One of the things he points out is the value of story and experience, and he shows just how to incorporate those into emails.

Then, of course, he also explains about offering bonuses, and he includes a whole course on how to ace that aspect of the affiliate marketing game, down to recommended tools for various levels of equipment, from fancy high powered PC’s and Macs to older models. I really appreciate him looking out for ALL his customers!

Swag Box 7 Review Scoop

All right, here’s the scoop on my Swag Box 7 Review:

It rocks. I’ve seen some of those things Marlon discusses in products that cost hundreds of dollars. And others not at all. And I can’t believe that Marlon is selling it all for a mere $27! Of course, that’s the early bird price, but still…

One thing I particularly like about the product is that it’s largely in the form of PDFs, so I can download it and print it and keep it next to my computer as I implement various aspects of it into my affiliate campaigns.

Oh, and there are tons of bonuses too! Including a quick start teleseminar with Marlon himself!

So if you’re wondering whether to get Swag Box 7, stop wondering and get your copy before Marlon changes his mind and takes it off the market again, or at least takes away the bonuses. It gets two thumbs up! More if I had more thumbs! At least I think so.

Is it worth the asking price? Many times over. For me, it was a total no-brainer.

And that’s why I also offer a bonus if you get it through my link:

CLICK HERE for Swag Box 7!

Grab your copy, and then forward your receipt to…

ElisabethHelp AT Gmail DOT Com

Be sure to include Swag Box 7 Bonus in the subject line.

And what is my bonus?

It’s a multi-part bonus. First, you’ll get a really cool and detailed guide for a simple step-by-step system for affiliate marketing success.

And then, I’ll also give you a month’s worth of my Affiliate Marketing Promo Packs (you get two of them). They’re great for starting to build your list – and selling to your new subscribers at the same time while also providing value, i.e., the magical combination.

How long will this be good for? I’ll reserve the right to remove and/or change my bonuses at any time, so if you are new to affiliate marketing, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on Swag Box 7 & bonus. Or rather… Bonuses!

CLICK HERE for Swag Box 7!

I hope you enjoyed my Swag Box 7 Review, and if you decide to invest, please don’t forget to claim your Swag Box 7 Bonus!