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Marlon Sanders Dashboard Sale: Half Off Special AND Bonus!

Maybe you have the Traffic Dashboard, but what about the other Marlon Sanders Dashboards?

You know that if the Traffic Dashboard is any indication, the other ones are worth getting too. More step-by-step goodness from the King of Step-by-Step Marketing Instruction, Marlon Sanders!

But if you don’t have the traffic dashboard yet, by all means, grab it right now:

CLICK HERE for Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard!

Still, today is all about Marlon’s “Other” dashboards – and his big sale!

Marlon Sanders Dashboard Sale

Yup, Marlon has a great big sale! But for just a few days, through March 18th. So now is the time to act if you’ve wanted to add to your Dashboard Collection!

Here’s the deal! He put FOUR of his Dashboards on sale:

* Info Dashboard
* Promo Dashboard
* Design Dashboard
* Marketing Dashboard

All of them available right now for HALF Price!

NOTE: The sale has expired. I will update this link if there’s a new sale. In the meantime, if there is a dashboard you’d like, it will be well worth the investment at its current price.

In case you’re not yet familiar with the dashboards, I’m going to tell you a bit about each of them, plus I’ll give you the links for the individual dashboards so you can check them out.

Just make sure not to buy through those links, but either use the link above, or the one at the end of the list.

1. Info Product Dashboard

One of my favorite Marlon Sanders Dashboards. It guides you through creating your info products, and it has a ton of resources and how-to instructions that will come in handy for other stages in the creating and marketing process as well.

CLICK HERE to check out Marlon Sanders’ Info Dashboard!

Promo Dashboard

My favorite dashboard! At least it was until the traffic dashboard appeared. But no, I still love the promo dashboard.

It guides you through the whole process of how to promote your website and/or your products or services, including creating an ethical bribe and building a list of prospects.

CLICK HERE to check out Marlon’s Promo Dashboard

3. Design Dashboard

The design dashboard helps you design a killer website. It’s the go-to tool when you want to learn more about graphics and making your online stuff look great, whether it’s your website or your sales page or squeeze page.

If you prefer not to do your own graphics, you may not need it, but hey, what if you’d like to fire your graphics person one day, or you’d like to make little tweaks. Check it out. And for half price, it’s an amazing deal…

CLICK HERE to check out Marlon’s Design Dashboard

4. Affiliate Dashboard

I bought the Affiliate Dashboard WAY back, before I even had a single product. It was a bit of a misunderstanding…

I thought the Affiliate Dashboard would help me become a better affiliate and make more money with affiliate marketing.

Instead, it is meant to help people who do have products to get affiliates to market THEIR products and services!

Well, now I do have products and services, and the Affiliate Dashboard has come in really handy. It has some very valuable resources that have helped me a great deal.

So if you have a product or several, and you want affiliates to help you promote them, this is a great time to grab the Affiliate Dashboard and take advantage of the intelligence it contains 🙂

CLICK HERE to check out Marlon Sanders’ Affiliate Dashboard!

And there you have it. Four dashboard at half their normal price.


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How to get your bonus?

Step 1: Purchase at least one dashboard.

Step 2: Forward your receipt to the following email address:
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Step 3: Look for your bonus email within the next 24 to 48 hours (I will need to verify your purchase).