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Marketing Dashboard Review

This Marketing Dashboard Review will give you the scoop on Marlon Sanders’ Marketing Dashboard.

If you know Marlon Sanders and his line of Dashboards, you probably won’t need much of an introduction.

The Marketing Dashboard was one of his earliest (I think it may have been his first?) Dashboard. The original version first came out in 2003 I believe, and it has been through several major updates over the years.

In this review, I plan to answer a few of your questions:

Marketing Dashboard Review – What does the Dashboard do?

The first thing you want to know is… what’s actually in there?  Well, take a look:

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.28.07 PM

As you can see, the Marketing Dashboard has the typical dashboard layout, and it covers everything step by step, in six rows, with six icons (and tasks) each.

As you work with the dashboard, you’ll find that as you work on each task, you’ll focus just on that one task and complete it. This reduces any kind of anxiety about the size and scope of the huge project and lets you go at it step by step. Marlon is called the “King of step by step marketing” for a reason!

The Marketing dashboard is a soup to nuts product that guides you from starting a business all the way to making lots of money with your new product(s).

While a lot of products give you a sense of tunnel vision, Marlon gives you the grand overview and then goes on to cover a HUGE amount of territory. Yes, this can make things a bit challenging, but when you make it to the other side, you’ve learned a TON.

How long does each icon take to complete? This varies considerably, depending on the icon (some are quite meaty while others can be done quickly), and also depending on your skill level.

The dashboard guides you through the WHOLE process so you won’t forget crucial steps that all too many “gurus” leave out. And unless you’re a total newbie, you may well get enough detail to get going with your marketing.

After all, it gives you quite a lot of information as well as tools to help you implement those steps, much of it free (or as free trials). But some of those steps need a bit (or a whole lot) more info, depending on your background.

I mean, there’s an icon that says “Get Traffic”! Hellooooo!

Another one says “Your Website”! Uhmmm. If you’re new to this, you’ll need more detail.

Or not. Turns out, Marlon provides a ready-made website for you as a bonus!

And there’s not much about actually creating products after the 12 product survey, which got me totally stalled the first time I came across it (in the info dashboard, as a matter of fact).

But as you see in a bit, that’s probably not as big of an issue as it may seem. You DO need more info there.

On the positive side, you DO get the whole scoop on how things fit together, which is much more important at this point than the actual product creation, which you can get later, for example in the info product dashboard.

The Marketing Dashboard Review – What does it provide?

Here’s the scoop:

It really helps you understand marketing and gives you the tools to do it! It guides you from the very start where you set up your business all the way to keeping it going and growing. That’s good stuff!

What about changes in the marketing world? The good news is that the Marketing Dashboard has been thoroughly updated (and continues to be updated!)

In fact, as I type this – there were some spaces in the new dashboard that I expect will be filled with brand-new content, so you’ll be getting all the new stuff!

You should know that Marlon seems very partial to paid advertising, and is quite upfront about it. That’s fair enough, but following all the suggestions in his Marketing Dashboard can add up. And if you’re not well funded, it can bring your internet marketing business ambitions to a grinding halt.

Then again, paid advertising can come at different price levels, and if you need to go slow at first, so be it. Then again, consider that you’re running a BUSINESS, and you’re interested in fast growth. So you need to see advertising as an investment that pays you back.

Here are some more thoughts:

You’ll get outstanding information at a low cost

Consider what you’d pay for even one hour of decent consulting. Or, even better, consider how much even ONE extra client or customer will bring you, especially in lifetime value!

This Dashboard delivers an incredible amount of information as well as how-to instructions, plus an incredible array of bonuses!

After chatting with Lisa in Support, I discovered that any new buyer will get the shiny new version, plus Marlon provides lifetime updates (I just got my new dashboard too!)

Plus, there are a ton of bonuses available right now. Some of them come from Marlon (good through Monday) and some of them come from ME!

You can find out about Marlon’s bonuses right here:

CLICK HERE for Marlon’s Marketing Dashboard!

And if you invest in Marlon’s Marketing Dashboard right now, I’ll also throw in a few bonuses myself!

You can find out about those bonuses in my Marketing Dashboard Bonus post, which you’ll find if you CLICK HERE for Marketing Dashboard Bonus

As you’ll see, my bonuses are going to help you make the most of your marketing dashboard since they’re designed to complement Marlon’s dashboard.

How to Enhance the Marketing Dashboard 

Here are the areas that can be enhanced by supplementary materials.

1) The dashboard can make building a business seem overwhelming.

Well, yes, it’s designed to build and market a BUSINESS! That’s a complex endeavor, and if anything, with the dashboard format, Marlon actually helps you handle the marketing step by step with as little overwhelm as possible. Just do the icons, one at a time.

Read one of my favorite posts that explains just how the dashboard will make a potentially overwhelming tasks so much easier!

Plus, there are workarounds, one of which is actually a bonus by Marlon himself – a quickstart teleseminar!

I will also include a bonus that will give you a quick way to start making money without having to go through ALL of the steps of the Marketing Dashboard first.

You can get started bringing in cash that you can then reinvest into some of the other dashboards and into advertising your products – or the affiliate products you’re promoting.

I think those steps are valuable and ultimately important and even necessary if you want a solid business, but there’s nothing wrong with a few shortcuts as you get going.

So on the plus side, it’s a good thing the marketing dashboard is so comprehensive and includes all those steps – they will help you make sure you’ve got your bases covered.

Too many online marketing products give you just a small piece of the pie while you miss the big picture, while Marlon gives you the whole enchilada! That comes at a price, but right now, with the price being about the price of a really big pizza, I’d grab it.

2) A few areas could use more detail

If you go through the dashboard and see that there’s ONE module called “Get Traffic,” you probably think that this module must either be HUGE or woefully inadequate.

Well, it’s neither.

It is not that huge, and it does give you a good start. Besides, there are several other modules that provide information about traffic, from ad buying to other kinds of paid advertising, and between them, you can definitely get started bringing traffic to your site.

But here’s the truth. Traffic really requires its own dashboard, and lucky for us, Marlon saw that too, and has created a dashboard just for getting traffic:

CLICK HERE for Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard

And that traffic dashboard is fantastic!

Still, in order to make the most of your traffic, you need to have a bunch of other things in place, and the Marketing dashboard provides that, from creating your product all the way to setting up the whole system for selling it on autopilot.

What about the Product Creation part?

Well, the product creation part is also a bit on the brief side. Mostly, Marlon helps you get ideas on what products to create and how to find out which ones to go for. As for the actual creation… Not so much.

And that’s because covering it extensively would have taken another whole dashboard.

Once again, lucky for us, Marlon has created the Info Product Dashboard:

CLICK HERE for Marlon’s Info Product Dashboard

And yes, I highly recommend it!

So the way I see it, the Marketing Dashboard gives you the overview and a way to put together a complete internet marketing business.

For the finer details, you will also want to get some of the other dashboards Marlon has created, specifically these two – the info dashboard above, and the traffic dashboard:

CLICK HERE for Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard

And then, there’s another useful dashboard – the Promo Dashboard, which was my absolute favorite until the Traffic Dashboard came out.

What’s the promo dashboard? Check it out here:

CLICK HERE For Marlon’s Promo Dashboard

Anyway, get started with the main one, Marlon’s Marketing Dashboard, and then add the info dashboard to help you create a product and the traffic dashboard to get traffic to your offer. Finally, if you want to add extra promotional power to your arsenal, you know which dashboard has THAT part covered 😉

Verdict of the Marketing Dashboard Review? It’s a BUY!

CLICK HERE for Marlon’s Marketing Dashboard

And if you want the scoop on my bonuses…

Marketing Dashboard Bonus

Traffic Dashboard: The Missing Link

So you don’t have the traffic dashboard yet? Or perhaps you’re about to get one. That would be a good move because…

Traffic is sooooo important.

But… In many cases, there’s something missing….

What good does traffic do you if there’s nothing where the traffic is going to, or if the traffic doesn’t convert.

You want monetization!

That’s right. And as a linguist also known as language geek, I absolutely LOVE that word:


Anyway, here’s the bit about the monetization, because the traffic dashboard only fully benefits you if you have the RIGHT thing on the receiving end of the traffic.

Okay, so maybe there are a few people who just want website visitors. Maybe they want the numbers to brag…  Oh sure, go right ahead.

But in the meantime, most of us want to make some money, and if this resonates with you, read on:

How can you monetize things? Here’s the key phrase:

Instant commission affiliate programs...

Have you discovered them yet?

You know how you have to wait two weeks or more to get paid by Clickbank. And with some affiliate programs, they make you wait for MONTHS.

Oh, and Clickbank too, at least in the beginning, makes you wait forever because they require that you get orders with several different credit cards before they pay up.


But you don’t have to wait. Oh no! You’ve got options.

In fact, there are lots of options…

And there are two options I’m especially fond of.

First, there’s JVZoo, and then, there’s the Warrior Forum.

Sure, neither of them pays you instantly automatically. You first have to prove that you’re legit, but once you have, you get paid fast.

And Marlon Sanders himself is no slouch either! He doesn’t pay instant commissions, but he comes pretty close! Usually he pays with one or two business days! That’s ONE of the reasons why I love to promote his products.

The other reason is that I KNOW his products totally rock.

There are two things you need: a) Traffic, and you can get some with the help of Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard!

And second, there’s monetization…

How to set up a funnel etc. is a bit outside of the scope of this article. However, visit my main blog at http://myfavoritewebstuff.com/talkspot and you’ll learn all kinds of stuff about how to monetize your blog and growing an online income.

But of course, what good are instant commissions if no one buys. Well….

That brings us right around full circle…

Here’s what you need:

Targeted Traffic!

So find your favorite instant commission products on the Warrior Forum or on JVZoo and then drive traffic to them. And watch those commissions roll in.

Don’t know how to get traffic?

Here’s how:  Check out Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard right here:


See ya next time.



Farmer Update Solutions

Have you been bummed out by the Google Farmer Update? Don’t let it get you down. There’s PLENTY you can do about it. Read on for some Farmer Update Solutions!

I am a big believer in the saying, In Trouble Lies Opportunity. And sure, I’m not happy about getting a lot fewer fews for my Ezinearticles now, but hey, it’s not as bad as I thought. I still seem to get found.

And that’s not all. OTHER ones of my web “properties” are getting found now too that weren’t before.

I just had an amazing experience last night. I was checking a keyword where I had placed some articles for one of my clients, and, well, those articles were gone. BUT, instead, I found a blog post of mine — in place 2 on the first page of Google.

I was stunned! I hadn’t even expected that. All I did was write a well-optimized article on one of my key blogs for that keyword, and wow! It probably helps that it’s a good article, fairly lengthy, and that the other articles on that blog are good too…

Anyway, what can I say. There’s lots of ways we can get traffic to our websites, and articles are just the beginning.

Farmer Update Solution

And since you’re reading this on my Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard site, you’re probably wondering what the Farmer Update has to do with Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard.


Well, it should be kind of obvious by now. Marlon’s dashboard is stuffed to the brim with fantastic traffic techniques, and article marketing is just the first one. And he’s got some COOL tips on how to make it way more effective.

And you know, as I said, in trouble lies opportunity! This means that suddenly a whole lot of competition simply evaporated! If you write quality content, you now can rise to the top much more quickly.

Good News about Ezinearticles

As a nice side-effect, Ezinearticles.com also seems to have reduced the number of ads. They need to get people to submit articles now, more than ever, especially since they’ve gotten way pickier.

So what better an opportunity than to start submitting now! And submitting really good articles. Imagine… they’ll stay on the New Articles page much longer, and they’ll get more views.

MORE Farmer Update Solutions!

But why stop there? There are lots of other things you can do to get traffic. Among my favorites?

Press releases! They truly rock. My favorite press release sites are:

Webwire, PrLog, and Free-Press-Release.com

They’re all reasonably priced, and the latter two even have free options, but personally, if you’re going to bother writing a press release, do yourself a favor and choose the upgrade. It will be SO worth it!

More options…

Social Media Marketing, and building your own high quality blog! Google loves blogs, and if you have good content and maximize it for keywords, you’ll do very well. In fact, when you write articles, publish them on your blog first. Only once they have been indexed, submit some of them to article directories…

Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard

Of course, if you want to really go to town, get your hands on Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard and get way more traffic than you ever thought possible.

I’m even giving you some bonuses if you get it here:

Read about my bonuses on the top post of this site, and once you bought, just forward your receipt to my help email, which is elisabethhelp AT gmail DOT com

Note: Be sure to spell my name with an “s”!

So don’t let the Farmer Update slow you down. Instead, use it as an inspiration to take advantage of this new vacuum that has been created by the sudden demotion of, uhm, Farmer’s sites, and get your stuff out there.

Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard

Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard will be out shortly.  Be sure to stay tuned to updates.

The minute it comes out, I’ll check it out, and if it is as good as all the other dashboards by Marlon Sanders, you’ll read about it here — AND you’ll be able to nab a few cool bonuses just for buying it through MY Link and sending me your receipt.

More Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard info coming shortly.