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Traffic Dashboard: The Missing Link

So you don’t have the traffic dashboard yet? Or perhaps you’re about to get one. That would be a good move because…

Traffic is sooooo important.

But… In many cases, there’s something missing….

What good does traffic do you if there’s nothing where the traffic is going to, or if the traffic doesn’t convert.

You want monetization!

That’s right. And as a linguist also known as language geek, I absolutely LOVE that word:


Anyway, here’s the bit about the monetization, because the traffic dashboard only fully benefits you if you have the RIGHT thing on the receiving end of the traffic.

Okay, so maybe there are a few people who just want website visitors. Maybe they want the numbers to brag…  Oh sure, go right ahead.

But in the meantime, most of us want to make some money, and if this resonates with you, read on:

How can you monetize things? Here’s the key phrase:

Instant commission affiliate programs...

Have you discovered them yet?

You know how you have to wait two weeks or more to get paid by Clickbank. And with some affiliate programs, they make you wait for MONTHS.

Oh, and Clickbank too, at least in the beginning, makes you wait forever because they require that you get orders with several different credit cards before they pay up.


But you don’t have to wait. Oh no! You’ve got options.

In fact, there are lots of options…

And there are two options I’m especially fond of.

First, there’s JVZoo, and then, there’s the Warrior Forum.

Sure, neither of them pays you instantly automatically. You first have to prove that you’re legit, but once you have, you get paid fast.

And Marlon Sanders himself is no slouch either! He doesn’t pay instant commissions, but he comes pretty close! Usually he pays with one or two business days! That’s ONE of the reasons why I love to promote his products.

The other reason is that I KNOW his products totally rock.

There are two things you need: a) Traffic, and you can get some with the help of Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard!

And second, there’s monetization…

How to set up a funnel etc. is a bit outside of the scope of this article. However, visit my main blog at http://myfavoritewebstuff.com/talkspot and you’ll learn all kinds of stuff about how to monetize your blog and growing an online income.

But of course, what good are instant commissions if no one buys. Well….

That brings us right around full circle…

Here’s what you need:

Targeted Traffic!

So find your favorite instant commission products on the Warrior Forum or on JVZoo and then drive traffic to them. And watch those commissions roll in.

Don’t know how to get traffic?

Here’s how:  Check out Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard right here:


See ya next time.