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Farmer Update Solutions

Have you been bummed out by the Google Farmer Update? Don’t let it get you down. There’s PLENTY you can do about it. Read on for some Farmer Update Solutions!

I am a big believer in the saying, In Trouble Lies Opportunity. And sure, I’m not happy about getting a lot fewer fews for my Ezinearticles now, but hey, it’s not as bad as I thought. I still seem to get found.

And that’s not all. OTHER ones of my web “properties” are getting found now too that weren’t before.

I just had an amazing experience last night. I was checking a keyword where I had placed some articles for one of my clients, and, well, those articles were gone. BUT, instead, I found a blog post of mine — in place 2 on the first page of Google.

I was stunned! I hadn’t even expected that. All I did was write a well-optimized article on one of my key blogs for that keyword, and wow! It probably helps that it’s a good article, fairly lengthy, and that the other articles on that blog are good too…

Anyway, what can I say. There’s lots of ways we can get traffic to our websites, and articles are just the beginning.

Farmer Update Solution

And since you’re reading this on my Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard site, you’re probably wondering what the Farmer Update has to do with Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard.


Well, it should be kind of obvious by now. Marlon’s dashboard is stuffed to the brim with fantastic traffic techniques, and article marketing is just the first one. And he’s got some COOL tips on how to make it way more effective.

And you know, as I said, in trouble lies opportunity! This means that suddenly a whole lot of competition simply evaporated! If you write quality content, you now can rise to the top much more quickly.

Good News about Ezinearticles

As a nice side-effect, Ezinearticles.com also seems to have reduced the number of ads. They need to get people to submit articles now, more than ever, especially since they’ve gotten way pickier.

So what better an opportunity than to start submitting now! And submitting really good articles. Imagine… they’ll stay on the New Articles page much longer, and they’ll get more views.

MORE Farmer Update Solutions!

But why stop there? There are lots of other things you can do to get traffic. Among my favorites?

Press releases! They truly rock. My favorite press release sites are:

Webwire, PrLog, and Free-Press-Release.com

They’re all reasonably priced, and the latter two even have free options, but personally, if you’re going to bother writing a press release, do yourself a favor and choose the upgrade. It will be SO worth it!

More options…

Social Media Marketing, and building your own high quality blog! Google loves blogs, and if you have good content and maximize it for keywords, you’ll do very well. In fact, when you write articles, publish them on your blog first. Only once they have been indexed, submit some of them to article directories…

Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard

Of course, if you want to really go to town, get your hands on Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard and get way more traffic than you ever thought possible.

I’m even giving you some bonuses if you get it here:

Read about my bonuses on the top post of this site, and once you bought, just forward your receipt to my help email, which is elisabethhelp AT gmail DOT com

Note: Be sure to spell my name with an “s”!

So don’t let the Farmer Update slow you down. Instead, use it as an inspiration to take advantage of this new vacuum that has been created by the sudden demotion of, uhm, Farmer’s sites, and get your stuff out there.