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Marlon Sanders WordPress Dashboard Bonus

marlon sanders wp dashboardWoo-hoo! Marlon Sanders has a new dashboard! And this one is one a lot of us have been eagerly awaiting… The Marlon Sanders WP Dashboard!

I was one of the beta testers of an earlier version, provided plenty of feedback, and then was waiting for the new dashboard to show up. And waiting. And waiting…

When I saw the new finished version, I could tell what took so long. Marlon added a TON of material to the dashboard. Plus when we reviewed the beta version, we really only got the first couple of rows or so to play with. And there are SIX, as in all the dashboard. So Marlon had lots of work to do before it was all ready.

And it was well worth waiting for.

The Scoop On The New WordPress Dashboard

First of all, what’s the scoop on the new WP Dashboard? It has the same format as any of his other dashboards. 36 lessons, each behind its own icon, which are presented in 6 rows of 6 icons. You’ll see them all at the top left of this post.

What I love about his dashboards is that they are so well thought out, and by working on things one at a time, I find that the overwhelm factor gets eliminated. You just do one thing after the other.

If you’re new to building your own blog, you’ll really appreciate that. Just start with the top left icon and work your way across. Oh, and before you even start, listen to Marlon’s pep talk, where he gives you a little overview of the coming attractions, i.e., what’s coming up in that particular row.

You’ll also find that Marlon gives you more than you may need right away. The module on choosing a theme is a case in point. Read it closely, but also note that he tells you not to overcomplicate things right away. Pick something easy, and upgrade as you finetune your blog (and as you get more comfortable with WordPress). On the other hand, he offers solutions that are quite sophisticated and not usually taught in most blogging courses.

What’s Different About Marlon’s Dashboard?

What’s different? You mean aside from the easy Point and Click technology?

Here’s what: It’s called the Leads and Sales Dashboard! If you follow Marlon’s instructions, you have a powerhouse of a blog that will generate leads for you – and sales too.

So he basically guides you towards building a blog that is perfect for lead generation right out of the gate. Occasionally, you might feel a bit stretched, and occasionally, you can actually postpone dealing with some points until later, Either way, you’re getting high quality info.

I’ll tell you more about the specifics in later posts, but in the meantime, just have a look here:

CLICK HERE for Marlon Sanders’ WP Leads And Sales Dashboard!

wp dashboard get leads and sales

Is Marlon Sanders WP Dashboard for you if you’re a bit more advanced?

You may wonder, what if you’re more advanced? Will you still benefit from the WP Dashboard?

You bet! If anything, you might benefit even more quickly. I still recommend that you start at the top left, and give Marlon’s instructions a quick read to find out if there’s anything you may have missed. If you’ve got everything, move to the next, and the next, and so on.

Chances are you’ll find quite a few things you didn’t know. Marlon has a way to tuck insider info into his dashboard. He also generously adds detailed instructions for all sorts of things associated with the main task. I’ve learned quite a few things because he did that.

Here are TWO of the things Marlon’s WP Dashboard will help you with:

1) Speed: Yes, it’ll show you how to make sure your blog loads fast. And that’s important for keeping your visitors on the page – and for getting Google Love!

2) Security: Don’t need to say much about that, do I?

wp dashboard security

And that’s not all…

Right now, Marlon offers some amazing bonuses… And these are worth a multiple of the WordPress Dashboard’s price alone. So even if you think you don’t really need another WordPress course, you may want to get it just for that. Unless you’re truly advanced.

Of course, if you want those bonuses, you better act quickly. Sure, Marlon always throws in bonuses (usually anyway), but not THESE kinds of bonuses. These are super special!

I’ve actually been selling my own course for a while now, and I STILL find that this course is filled valuable info.

MORE WP Dashboard Bonuses

And Marlon is not the only one here to give out bonuses. I too am giving you some additional bonuses if you invest in Marlon Sanders’ WP Dashboard!

Here they are:

1) A Social Media For Business Course (includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more)

2) A Pinterest For Business Guide

How to get them?

Step 1:

Purchase your copy of Marlon’s Dashboard here:

CLICK HERE for Marlon Sanders’ WP Dashboard!

Step 2:

Send an email with your receipt and the subject line “Dashboard Bonus” to the following address:

CLICK HERE to claim your WP Dashboard Bonuses!

That’s it! Access Information will arrive in your inbox!

So go ahead and upgrade your blog (or finally get one) with Marlon Sanders’ WordPress Dashboard.

In the meantime, I’ll be working my way through it in more details and will report back with a review (or a series).

marlons wordpress dashboard

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