About Me

Marlon Sanders and Me at Unseminar 5

Marlon Sanders and Me at Unseminar 5

My name is Elisabeth Kuhn. I’m a former linguistics professor and now an online marketing expert, helping business owners increase their visibility and credibility online and sell more stuff. I also market my own products, promote my favorite experts’ products, and I’m constantly adding more.

I’m also a copywriter – in fact, it was through copywriting that I first got into internet marketing!

As a linguist, I had always been interested in persuasion, and when I came across sales letters that made me dive for my credit card so fast I left skid marks, I thought, “Hmmmm. How in the world do they do that!”

And with my previous interest and research in persuasion, my quest to learn about copywriting was a natural fit. And the next thing I knew, I had my first copywriting clients! And things evolved from there.

Here’s why I’ve created a blog about Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard:

I’ve been a huge fan of Marlon Sanders and his Dashboards ever since I first discovered them, at the very start of my online adventure.

Marlon’s products, especially his down-to-earth point-and-click dashboards have helped me hugely with making sense of the sometimes confusing world of internet marketing, and putting the parts together.

The first dashboard I bought (as far as I remember) was the Info Product Dashboard. It helped me write and publish, and then SELL my first ebook:

Instant Stress Relief Strategies

And in short order, I wrote a second one. Here it is:

Amazon Marketing Strategies

I figured that I should write about something I knew, something I was successful at, and once I realized that I had in fact been making quite a bit of money by selling my overflow books on Amazon Marketplace, I wrote a book about how to do that. It’s still selling too!

Just know that my Amazon Marketplace manual works best if you live in the U.S.! So if you live elsewhere, please don’t buy it (or at least check if Amazon has a Marketplace in your country).

Next, I learned from Marlon’s Promo Dashboard how to actually promote my books – and I especially learned how to create “ethical bribes.”

So I created a series of shorter reports that I’ve been giving away in order to build my list.

And Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard is my all-time favorite. It arrived at a time where I finally had places to which I wanted to send traffic. So it has helped me a lot with getting that elusive traffic.

And that’s when I decided to create this blog – an homage to Marlon Sanders and his Traffic Dashboard. And yes, it’s an affiliate marketing site too, of course. In the meantime, it has grown beyond the Traffic Dashboard and includes reviews and information about many of his other dashboards and products, every one of which I own and use (except for those that aren’t Mac friendly).

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and find the information helpful. And if you’re not already a big fan of Marlon Sanders, I hope you’ll give his Traffic Dashboard (or maybe his new Big Ticket Dashboard) a try – and I’m sure it’ll make you into a Marlon fan too 😉

To Your Success,